Account Passwords


Sometimes registrants forget their passwords.  They have the option of clicking the Retrieve Password tool on the login page of your shopping cart, however, the outgoing emails (when password retrieval is selected) can sometimes get caught by spam filters.  This is because the emails are sent from our system and are completely automated.  Some ISPs don't like this and flag the emails, preventing the user from receiving them.


When this occurs, navigate to the registrant's Master Account (Registrations --> Master Accounts --> Edit) and check the following:


1. Verify their User ID:  


The User ID is not always necessarily the same as the Email field.  Sometimes users will update their Email address and forget their User ID is still their old email address.


2. Verify their current Email address:  


This field is separate from the User ID field and sometimes people will change their email address and not realize their User ID is still their old email address.


3. Change the Password:  


Even though you cannot view the password, you can change it.  Updating the Password field to their last name, for example, will allow them to access their account and update their password manually.