Deposit Option

Deposit Option Part I

When creating a Program, you have the option of adding a Deposit as a payment option.  This option allows the participant to pay a deposit at the time of registration, as opposed to the full amount of the cost of the program.  

When using the Deposit option, you will need to complete the following fields:

1. Deposit Amount

2. Deposit Expiration Date

Keep in mind, if you do not wish to add an expiration date, the field must be populated with an arbitrary date, such as the Program Start Date.  Failure to a date to this field will result in a deposit field malfunction during the registration process.

Deposit Option Part II

After adding your Deposit option, a Payment Model must be created to allow the Deposit option to appear during the payment process of the registration.  

To do this, click Payment --> Payment Models --> +Add New --> Enter Payment Model Name (the registrant will see this) --> Select Deposit,Remainder option:

After clicking "Deposit, Remainder", the system allows you to set your parameters.  The Default settings are the most commonly used.  Note - The "Deposit Last Pay Date" is the Deposit Expiration Date.  The system will charge the remaining balance automatically on the date selected under the "Charge REMAINING BALANCE ON" section:

Once completed, click Next to assign the Payment Model to your program(s).