Refunding A Credit Card Payment

Credit card refunds are processed in the Master Account (NOT in the Registration).  This is the only method of refunding credit cards currently available in your RegPoint system.  To process a credit card refund, follow these steps:


Issuing A Credit Card Refund:


1. Click on Registrations.

2. Click on Master Accounts in the menu on the left side of the screen.

3. Select the account in which the refund is to be made.  

4. Click the blue Edit link.

5. Click on the Payment History tab.

6. Locate the payment to be refunded.  Make sure to verify the Date, Amount, and Order Number to ensure accuracy.

7. Click the blue Refund link.

8. Enter a new refund amount in the filed provided if you're not refunding the entire amount.

9. Click Submit.

10. Review your Refund Results and click Close.

11. Click on the Payment History tab to verify your refund processed properly.


*NOTE: Credit card refunds can ONLY be processed in the Master Account and for traditional registration types only (Credit Card refunds cannot be processed using the 'Simple Checkout' feature).  Attempting to process a credit card refund in the Registration will result in your customer not receiving a credit on their card.