Registration Status Overview


The Registration Status shows the current status of a particular registration.  It is important to understand the various status labels and how they affect your registrations.  Below you will find a list of the different Registration Status labels and their definitions


Registration Status Labels & Their Definitions


  • Registration received
  • Not accepted into any program
  • Not able to have payments processed


  • Accepted into program
  • No payment has been processed yet
  • Payments are available to be processed


  • Accepted into program
  • Initial deposit payment has been paid
  • There is a remaining balance due


Holding place for registrations that have had issue processing a payment. Please review all registrations in declined and change their status to confirmed or deposit once their billing has been resolved to process their payment again.



  • Not on roster
  • Could have a balance that would need to be refunded depending on the camp policy regarding cancelations


  •  Registration accepted
  • On roster
  • All payments have been received and the balance due is $0.00


  • Manual holding place for registrations at directors discretion


  • Not on roster
  • Not paid

Bill Me:

  • Not on roster
  • Waiting for payment


  • Registration from previous season
  • No longer available for use