Changing Payment Type (Credit Card to E-Check or E-Check to Credit Card)*


At this time, the system does not allow a user to switch from CC to E-Check or E-Check to CC.  Only same-type payment options can be updated through your BillingOrchard system (CC to CC or E-Check to E-Check).  


*The following instructions are for Payscape customers only and you must have access to your Payscape Gateway in order to properly perform the steps below.  If you do not have access to your Payscape Gateway, please contact our support team at '' and we will be happy to provide access for you.


Follow these steps to update different payment types:


1. Click on the Clients tab, within your BillingOrchard system, to locate the client whose payment information is to be updated.  Delete old payment information and click Update Client.  

2. Within the client file, locate and copy the Client ID from URL in address bar:

3. Access your Payscape payment gateway account and click on List Customers under the Customer Vault menu option.

4. Next to the Customer Vault ID field, enter the Client ID as described above and click Submit.  Be sure to enter the numbers only in this field.

5. Locate and click on the Delete Customer Vault Entry link in the upper left corner.  This will remove the Customer Vault entry completely.  This function will not affect previous payments or payment records for that client.  It will only remove the payment method used to process auto-recurring payments generated by your BillingOrchard account.

6. Once Customer Vault Entry is deleted, go back to your BillingOrchard account, locate the client file and update their account with the new payment information.  The system will now create a new Customer Vault with the updated payment information.