Client Portal

The Client Portal is an external portal account your clients can log into to edit their account information (name, address, payment details), view their current or past invoices and view any pending hours or fees.

You can link the Client Portal to your website using the following URL:

The above URL will take your client to a login screen, where they can use the Username and Password previously set up in their client file in your BillingOrchard system (see below):

The menu options within the client portal are outlined below:



1. View/Edit Information - This includes editing contact/address details.

2. Change Password

3. Update Credit Card - Your clients can update the credit card detail attached to their account.

4. Update ACH Information - Your clients can update the bank account details attached to their account.


1. View Invoices - Allows user to view all open/paid invoices.


1. Pending Hours/Fees - Any hours or fees that are in Pending Fees/Pending Hours can be viewed by your clients in this section.

Support (Applicable when Support Add On enabled ONLY):

1. FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions created through the support portal will be viewable in this section.

2. Support Tickets - All current support tickets are available for viewing here.

3. Support Home - Provides a home page for your support portal.  This allows you to provide specific text/details to your support clients.


1. Balance - This section allows your clients to review a list of their Invoices and Payments, showing their current balance.

Below is a video walkthrough of the Client Portal (  which can be provided to your clients.  This video is meant to provide your clients a preview of how the site works and how to access their invoices, update payment information, etc...