Exporting Files To QuickBooks

You can export payments for use in QuickBooks through two places in your BillingOrchard system.  Both options function in the same manner:

1. Invoices ---> Gateway Payments  (Note: This option only includes payments initiated by Credit Card or ACH/E-Check)

2. Reports --> Payments (Note: This option includes ALL payments in your system)

The Export link allows you to export your payment data to an IIF file, which is an import file for QuickBooks.  

Set the Revenue Account Name first.  Revenues are the assets earned by your company's operations and business activities. In other words, revenues include the cash or receivables received by a company for the sale of its goods or services. The revenue account is an equity account with a credit balance.

Second, set your Deposit Account Name. A deposit account is a savings account, current account or any other type of bank account that allows money to be deposited and withdrawn by the account holder.

From there, set the Date Range and then click the Export Payments button.  The IIF file created can then be imported into your QuickBooks program.