Creating Invoices:

Invoices are created by clicking on Invoices tab then +Create New Invoice.  Keep in mind, it is recommended to create Set Defaults and Clients prior to creating your invoices.  

The invoice builder is comprised of three main sections (see image below):

1. Client Information

Click the plus sign to pull our pre-created client data into the invoice. This will pull in the client name, company name and address detail.

2. Invoice Details

This section includes the Invoice Date, Due Date, Invoice Number and your Terms.  All of these items can be edited as needed when building your invoice.

3. Add Hours / Add Fees

Once your client data is pulled in, two buttons will appear which will allow you to add your invoice hours or your invoice fees (or both).  The hours/fees added are pulled directly from Invoices --> Set Defaults.

Managing Existing Invoices:

Directly through the Invoices tab, you can manage, edit and search your existing invoices.  Through the filter at the top of the screen, you can search by:

- Invoice Number

- Date Created

- Client Name

- Total Amount of Invoice

- Total Amount Due


Additionally, invoices can be viewed in PDF format, edited or deleted from this screen and late payment fees can be applied.  



Note the invoice status on the right side of the invoice listing:

- DRAFT = Unsent

- UNPAID = Sent to client, no payments applied

- PARTIAL = Partial payment received

- PAID = Paid in full


Set Defaults:

The Set Defaults section allows you to create, edit or remove your Hourly or Miscellaneous Services.  These hourly rates or miscellaneous services are used when creating invoices.

Click on Add New Service to add your new Hourly Service or Misellaneous Fee.


Apply Payment:

You can apply various payments through the Apply Payment link.  This can include cash or check payments or any other type of manual payment to be applied to an invoice.  Select the client and type of payment to be applied and click Next.  Follow the menus to immediately apply your payments.