Time Tracking

The time tracking section allows you to track the time you spend with your clients and apply that time to their invoices.

To get started, complete the fields in the Advanced Time Tracking filter box:


- Completed By

- Select Client

- Project (Optional)

- Date Service Was Completed

- Select Default Hourly Rate

- Description

- Hours


Click Submit Hours and your hours have been submitted and are ready to invoice!


Below the Time Tracking filter, you can check the box or boxes next to the client or clients you wish to invoice for the time tracked.  Once the boxes are checked, click on Create Invoices to create an invoice using the time tracked for a particular client or group of clients.  (Also, note the Filter By Client box just above the Pending Time listing.  This allows you pull specific clients and their time groupings into the Pending Time listing).


After clicking on Create Invoices, you can review and/or edit your Invoice Number, Invoice Date, and Due Date.  Feel free to add any applicable notes in this section as well.  Click Next and your invoice has been created as DRAFT.  Once the invoice has been sent to your client, the system will update this invoice to the UNPAID status.

View the video tutorial below for a more in-depth look at this feature!