Apply Late Fees:


To apply late fees to past due invoices, you must first follow these steps to establish your late fee percentage:


  • Click on Preferences in the Account section.
  • In the field next to 'Late Fee Rate for Past Due Invoices', enter your late fee percentage amount.
  • Click on Update Preferences.


Once your late fee percentage has been entered, the following steps will take you through the process of applying late fees:


  • Click on Apply Late Fees in the Invoices section.
  • Check the boxes to the clients you wish to apply late fees to or click on 'Check All' to select all clients.
  • Click on Apply Late Fees.


*Note:   This is a powerful feature for applying late fees to multiple invoices at once. Please use cautiously and try with only one invoice at a time until you get the hang of it. Once the late fee has been applied, it can NOT BE UNDONE. The only remedy is to delete the invoice, send the fee's back to pending and reinvoice.