Exporting Files to QuickBooks:


You can export payments from your BillingOrchard system into your QuickBooks account in two different areas:


1. Reports ---> Filter or Search Payments (This option will pull ALL payments - Credit Card and Check/Cash payments applied in your system)

2. Payscape or Authorize.Net Charges




*Once you have located the QuickBooks Export Tool (image shown), follow the 6 steps below to process your export properly.




1. Set the Revenue Account Name and Deposit Account Name.

2. Set the Date Range to be exported.

3. Click the Export Transactions button.

4. This will create an IIF file, which will be imported into your QuickBooks system. This file must be saved to your computer's hard drive (save to your desktop or a specified folder for easy retrieval later).

5. Import the saved IIF file using "File ---> Import ---> IIF Files" in QuickBooks.

6. The data imported into should now be found in your QuickBooks Revenue and Deposit accounts.