1. From your gmail account, click on the google apps icon (top right corner, looks like the brady bunch squares)
  2. Click More
  3. Use the scroll bar to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the icons and select "Backupify"
  4. Click "log in using google" (and give it a few seconds to log you in)
  5. Make sure you are in the "Mail" tab
  6. From there you can either use the search bar to find your email or...
  7. or you can find the "Deleted Messages" folder on the left hand side to look through your deleted emails.
  8. Once you find your missing email, expand it so you can see the options to either "download" or "restore" it.  

**Downloading it saves it to your computer, whereas restoring it will return it to the folder from where it was deleted in your gmail account.