Please follow these instructions to install and set up your RingCentral desktop application.

  1. Log into RingCentral ( using your DIRECT NUMBER (not company number) and Password you created
  2. Under My Extension, click Tools > Desktop Apps
  3. Select either the Download for MAC or Download for PC
  4. Save it to run later or select Run to initiate the install
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the application onto your computer.

Now you'll need to configure the application so you can make and receive phone calls on your computer.

  1. Log into your RingCentral desktop application using your DIRECT NUMBER (not company number) and Password you created.
  2. Next through the brief tutorial to learn about some of RingCentral's desktop application features
  3. Click the settings wheel icon, go to Calling
  4. Under RingOut settings, use the drop down menu to enter your RingCentral DIRECT NUMBER, if it isn't already listed
  5. Turn the Prompt me to dial 1 before connecting to the.... to OFF

The buttons at the bottom of your application will allow you to make a phone call, send a text, start a video conference, start a voice conference, or send a fax.

Also notice at the top of the application where you can check incoming messages.

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