On your mobile phone, navigate to your Apps store and download the free RingCentral application.

After it installs:

  1. Log into the RingCentral mobile application using your Direct Number (not company number) and Password you created.
  2. Watch the introduction tutorial to learn more about your RingCentral mobile application
  3. For Audio setup, choose to Calibrate Now, then press Done.
  4. Enter your mobile number and hit save
  5. Go to Menu (three lines in top left corner) > Settings > My Mobile App Settings > VOIP Calling

Depending on your mobile voice/data plan, you will need to set these settings to prevent charges to your personal phone bill.  PAYSCAPE WILL NOT OFFER REIMBURSEMENT FOR ADDITIONAL CHARGES DUE TO RINGCENTRAL.  If you are concerned about your monthly cell phone bill, please contact your mobile service provider to discuss the settings suggested below.

  • If you have unlimited voice and data - Turn VOIP CALLS ON and select OVER 3G or WIFI.  You can also turn VOIP CALLS off to use your cellular minutes, if the data connection is patchy or drops.  You probably don't care about using minutes or data, so you can use the app however you want.  
  • If you have unlimited voice minutes only - Turn VOIP CALLS OFF.  This places all calls using your mobile package's voice minutes.  You will also need to go into the My Extension Settings > Call Handling and Forwarding > and forward calls to your Mobile number.

  • If you have unlimited data only - Turn VOIP CALLS ON and select OVER 3G or WIFI.  This places all calls using either your mobile package's data plan or a connected Wifi network.

  • If you have neither unlimited voice nor unlimited data - Turn VOIP CALLS ON and select OVER WIFI.  This places all calls over the connected wifi.   ***With this setting, you must ensure your phone is connected to a wifi network in order to use RingCentral***

The buttons at the bottom of your application will allow you to make a phone call, send a text, start a video conference, start a voice conference, or send a fax.

Also notice at the top of the application where you can check incoming messages.

For more user guides, check out success.ringcentral.com

Got more questions?  Be sure to check out the other solutions here:  http://payscape.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/folders/5000177180 or email tech@payscape.com to create a request ticket.