A merchant can make these changes at any time through their Virtual Terminal under the settings tab:

1. Address Verification - Free Service

When a billing address is passed through on a eCommerce/MOTO transaction, the card processor will pass back an option to verify if the address matched. Sometimes, the bank will approve the transaction even when the address isn't a match. If you open the transactions, you'll see something like:

AVS Status: 5-character Zip match only (Z)

The merchant could manually review these response codes before deciding to ship. We also offer a free service for Address Verification (AVS) rejection rules. These are under Address > Security Options > Address Verification. They can set rules to void out an approved transaction depending on what that response is. For example, let's assume they see this response on the charge-backs:

Non US Card Issuing Bank (G)

The address rules have "US Domestic" and "Non-US International" settings based on the billing address country that is passed through. So if the billing address is in the US, and the response from the bank is "Non US Card Issuing Bank (G)" - they could auto-reject that charge.

Getting the AVS rules right for the business takes some time and tweaking to avoid blocking legitimate sales while preventing charge-backs. They should look at what the actual responses were for the charge-backs before implementing AVS rules.

2. Card ID Verification - Free Service

Sometimes when the CVV code from the back of the card is provided and it's not a match, the bank will approve it anyways. The merchant can choose to reject those transactions.

We also have an enhanced fraud protection service called iSpyFraud™, this solution can be added for an additional monthly service fee. 

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