iSpyFraud™ is a rule-set based fraud management utility that allows merchants to configure extensive filters to help them in detecting and protecting against fraud and screening suspicious transactions. iSpyFraud™'s extensive reporting system gives merchants a quick and easy way to review transactions, block suspicious activity, and zero in on malicious users. iSpyFraud™ looks at transactions both before and after processing and can decline transactions before and after authorization. The successful implementation and reduction in chargebacks across numerous merchants has been a testament to the effectiveness of this product. iSpyFraud™ allows the user to choose the limit for amount charged in a single transaction, in a day, month, or even a week. iSpyFraud™ will even allow the user to limit the number of transactions performed in a day or week. These transactions or amounts can be linked to a credit card number or IP address.

iSpyFraud™ can be added for $5 / month .10 / transaction

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