To forward your current call to someone outside of Payscape, please follow the instructions:

Step 1:

Dial ## to place the caller on hold.

NOTE:  When you place the call on hold by pressing ##, you will hear “You have a call on hold, to return to the call, press #.  To transfer this call to an extension, dial the Extension number.  For more options, press *


Step 2:

Press the star key (*).

NOTE:  When you press the * key, you will hear “To transfer this call, press 1.  To cancel, press **


Step 3:

Press 1.

NOTE:  When you press the number 1, you will hear “Please enter the phone number or 
quick dial number (Flip Number) and then press #.  To cancel, press **

NOTE:  Using the Quick Dial for transferring calls will allow you to warm transfer the call.  To setup your Quick Dial Numbers (Flip Number), click here.

Step 4:

Enter the phone number where you want to transfer the call then press # to complete the transfer.

NOTE:  You cannot use the call transfer feature if the call was initiated from RingOut.

You have now transferred a call to another extension or phone number.