We've recently discovered some functionality differences between Apple and Android phones that may be causing some of you some trouble. 

 If you're using an Iphone, here's how the RingCentral mobile app works....

1)  If you swipe to close the RingCentral application, it will no longer send you notifications or incoming calls.  The RingCentral application must be running in the background of your phone in order to function.  (If you aren't sure how to leave an app running in the background, please email us!)

2)  On some versions of IOS, incoming native calls will automatically interrupt VOIP calls (which is fancy for saying that if you're on a RingCentral call and someone calls your personal number, Apple will automatically place your RingCentral call on hold.)  You'll want to try to reject the incoming personal call as quickly as possible to resume your RingCentral Voip Call.