Shipping Your Products

Shipping Options:

Locate your Shipping Options through Tax|Shipping --> Shipping. 

The Shipping feature provides two Shipping Options: Flat Rate and Weight Based.  Details of those two options are as follows:

1. Flat Rate:

Flat rate shipping allows you to specify exact shipping prices on a per-product basis.  Click "Update Shipping Rates" to edit the flat rate shipping costs for your products.  Click Save when you've finished making your changes.

2. Weight Based:

Weight based shipping allows you to specify shipping price ranges based on the total weight of an order.  

3. International:

When using the Weight Based shipping option, the option to 'Show International Ranges' will appear (see image above).  To access this option, click 'Show International Ranges'.  From there, you will see the International Shipping Range options.  Add new options by completing the Min/Max and Price fields then clicking the "Add" button.  Click Save when done.

Sending Shipping Tracking Numbers:

You can assign Carrier/Tracking numbers to orders through the Sales section, located in the menu on the left.  Once in Sales, select the Order you want to update by clicking the link in the Status (Shipped/Unshipped) column of the table. A pop-up window will appear and you can add the tracking number and carrier and press Save. Once you save the tracking details your customer will automatically receive an email with all the details.


Shipping Methods:

Vendevor users are encouraged to ship all active orders within five business days.  it is also highly recommended that you ship with tracking or delivery confirmation to help prevent any issues that may arise with customers for any number of reasons.  This can include packages lost in transit, incorrect shipping addresses, damaged products, etc...

Below are some helpful links to help you get started with shipping your packages: