Setting Up Tax Rates

To locate your Tax set up page, click on the "Tax|Shipping" option in the left-hand menu. From there, select Tax Option desired to configure your tax rates.  A list of available tax setup options is below.

In-State Only:

The "In-State Only" option allows you to set a sales tax rate for those customers located in the sate as set up in your system Profile.

No Tax:

The "No Tax" option allows you to default your system so that tax will not be added to any purchases made through your Vendevor system.

Same Rate For All:

The "Same Rate For All" option ensures the system charges the same tax rate no matter which state the purchaser is initiating their purchase from.

Custom Rules:

The Custom Rules function enables you to set tax rates by state, allowing the system to charge specific tax rates depending on the buyer's location.  


Please note that in order to charge sales tax, the "Charge Tax" option must be enabled when setting up your Products.