How do I edit the look and feel of my store?

You can edit the look and feel of your Vendevor store page, whether you're using the Vendevor Subdomain, Website Embed Feature, or Facebook Integration.  To do this, begin by navigating to Publish|Design, in the menu on the left, then clicking Design, as shown below.  From there, you can select the tile where you would like to make changes.  

1. Vendevor Subdomain:

The Vendevor subdomain store is set up through Publish|Design --> Publish --> Sell from a Vendevor Subdomain.  This option allows you to create a subdomain, such as, and link that domain to your website.

2. Website Embed Feature:

This option allows you to authorize your Vendevor system to embed directly into your website and is set up through Publish|Design --> Publish --> Sell From Your Personal Website.

3. Facebook Integration:

The Facebook Integration feature integrates directly with your Facebook Business Page, providing your customers with the ability to make purchases directly through your Facebook page.

Clicking on each of the above options will provide the same Theme page options, however, each Theme option selected does have its own specific purpose, whether you use the Vendevor Subdomain, Website Embed Feature, or Facebook Integration, and some design toolbar properties will differ.

As you can see below, there are four themes available: Fluid, Light, Minimal, and Standard.  Each theme provides various options in terms of the particular layout and what your customers can view on that page. 

Clicking on a particular theme will allow you to view the Vendevor Page, listing your products, as well as the design toolbar to the right side of your screen (below).  This toolbar allows you to set the following parameters, however, each template may differ in terms of the toolbar options available.

1. Design Name: Save your template with a specific name/title.

2. Show Store Name: This option allows you to select whether you would like your store name to be visible or not.

3. Layout: Here you can set the pixel width, number of columns and category details.

4. Aesthetics: Edit the color palette to match your current website.

Once your template is updated as desired, and you've confirmed the template name has been updated, click Save to save your changes.  From there, you can view the changes immediately through your Vendevor store.