Embedding Your Store Into Your Website

There are a number of options available when it comes to embedding or attaching your Vendevor store to your website.  We'll outline 3 of the most common examples below:

1. Sell From A Vendevor Subdomain:

This option allows you to link from your website to a Vendevor Subdomain you create!  Simply click Publish|Design then "Sell from a Vendevor Subdomain" to create your domain as shown below.  

From there, you can add a link to your website called "Shop", "Store", or "Merchandise".  Clicking the link will take your customer directly to your Vendevor subdomain!

2. Sell From Your Personal Website:


For purposes of embedding your store into your website, we recommend that you create a new page titled "Shop", "Store", "Merchandise", or something along those lines. Within that shiny new, blank page, you can copy and paste the Embed code into the HTML editor on your page (see image below).  This code is found through the "Sell From Your Personal Website" option under Publish|Design.  

Your Vendevor store will automatically import from our secure servers onto your website and provide your customers with an easy and beautiful shopping experience. You can add your Vendevor store to as many websites as you want, just be sure to authorize the domains in the space provided to ensure your shopping cart will appear.

3. Sell From Your WordPress* Website:

Entering your WordPress credentials and Site URL allows you to tie your Vendevor shopping cart directly to your WordPress website.  

*This options requires WordPress Version 3.0 or newer and sites hosted at Wordpress.com are not supported due to third-party plugin restrictions.