How do I post my Vendevor store to Facebook?

There are two ways you can add products to Facebook.  We will outline both options below.

Option 1:

To complete this process, click the "Publish|Design" option in the left-hand menu and then click the "Facebook" tile to connect your account. This will bring up the Add Page Tab pop up as seen below.

Use your existing Facebook Business Page or set up a new Facebook Business Page.  This will allow you to embed your entire Vendevor Storefront and shopping experience in a tab within your Facebook page.  Please note that this process is not compatible with Facebook "Groups", only Facebook "Pages".

At this point, you will be asked to enter your login and password and then select which of your Facebook pages you would like to add your store to (see below):

Once your Vendevor store is added to your Facebook page, navigate to your Facebook page and click the "Products" option in the menu on the left.  This is where your Vendevor store will appear and will be available to your customers.

*Note - Clicking Manage Tabs in the "More" menu will allow you to move your Products page into the main menu listing.

To edit/change the default store title of "Products", click "Settings" then click "Edit Page".  This will show all pages available to edit.  Locating the "Products" page and clicking that item to expose the features available will allow you to click Edit Settings and update the page name as desired.

To make your store available on mobile devices, hover over the blue link located in the header (see image below) and click "Edit Button".  This will allow you to edit the button, linking your Vendevor Subdomain URL and titling the button as "Shop Now" or as desired.

Option 2:

The second option for integrating your Vendevor store with Facebook is to "Share" new products which are posted on your Facebook wall and news feed.  Click "Publish|Design" --> Share then select the "Share from your Timeline" option under Facebook, as seen below.

With this feature you can connect your individual Facebook account by entering your account login and password.  Anytime you post a new product, you can automatically share a link to the product on your Facebook wall. 

You can also "Share" your existing products on Facebook by clicking the Facebook icon next to a product on the Products page. All links posted to Facebook point back to your Vendevor store. We recommend sharing your featured products once a week on Facebook to help you drive interest and sales.