Editing And Adding Product Categories

To edit or add Categories, click Products --> Categories. The Categories page allows you to add new categories as well as remove and edit existing categories.

Adding A New Category:

Clicking 'Add New' will allow you to add a new category and assign that category to an existing product.

Editing The Category Name Field:

The category name field can be edited at any time by placing your cursor in the field and editing the text entered.

Adding A Category Image:

Clicking the image box next to the desired category will allow you to upload an image for that category or you can drag and drop your image directly into the image box.  Category images are used when showing categories in the product grid within certain templates.

Other Options:

Options to Save, Assign, View and Delete individual category items are available through the tools to the right of each listed category.

Once your categories are created, you can assign your Products to specific categories by navigating to Products, clicking Edit then selecting the desired category under the Category dropdown menu:

Adding Sub Categories:

In addition to main category headings, you can add sub categories at any time by entering a New Category name then clicking the Unassigned dropdown menu to assign the new category to an existing category.  Once the existing category is selected, click Add New. This process will assign the new category to the selected existing category, allowing your customers to locate their desired purchases quickly and easily.