Have you ever wanted to opt out of those reply-all email chains that can drag on for days?  Now you can!

How muting works

  1. Open Gmail.
  2. Open or select the conversation.
  3. Click the More button above your messages.
    More button
  4. Select Mute

You can also use the keyboard shortcut m to quickly mute conversations.

When you mute a conversation, new messages added to the conversation bypass your inbox so that the conversation stays archived.

Muted conversations will only pop back into your inbox ready for your attention if a new message in the conversation is addressed to you and no one else, or if you're added to the "To" or "Cc" line in a new message.

Any relevant filters you have set up will still be applied to muted messages.

How to find a muted thread

If you need to find a muted conversation, or if you accidentally muted a thread, don't worry. Muted messages are not marked as read, and are still searchable. You can type is:muted into your Gmail search box to find all muted conversations.

How to unmute a thread

If you no longer want a conversation to be muted, there are two ways to unmute it so that future messages will be delivered to your inbox:

  • Select the conversation, click the More button and select Unmute.
  • Click the X on the "Muted" label.