Getting Started With Your Vendevor System 

In Just 3 Quick Steps!

1. Set Your Profile

Setting up your Vendevor Profile allows the system to correctly update the communication tools for use with your customers.  Clicking the "Profile" option in the menu on the left side allows you to enter your Store Name, Contact Details and add your Store Logo.

2. Create A Subdomain

Whether you plan to use the website integration tools (embed code available through the 'Sell from your Personal Website' link) or another method, it is always recommended to create a Vendevor Subdomain first.  Even if unused, the subdomain can be used as a great resource for viewing your shopping cart and/or testing your product setup immediately after being created.  

The images below will walk you through the setup of your subdomain:

A. Click Publish|Design in the menu on the left then select the Publish option.  Clicking "Vendevor/Sell from a Vendevor Subdomain" will allow you to begin.

B. Enter your subdomain name through part 1 of the setup phase (see below).  Once your subdomain name is entered, click "Save".  

3. Add A Product

Finally, add some Products and begin selling!  

A. To get started, click Products in the menu on the left side then click "Add New Product".

B. To create your first Product, simply complete the Product Details, Upload Photos, and Price & Shipping sections with some basic information (Remember, you're just getting to know your Vendevor system so you can add more details later!).  From there, click Save!  

Once your Product is saved, refresh your Subdomain URL and view your Product.  Feel free to click the screens to go through the purchase process.  This will give you a great view of what your customers will see during the purchase process!