Product Variants


Variants are found in the Product edit screen and can include options for Sizes, Colors, or any other options desired.  You can create as many groups of variants and individual options as needed.

When adding multiple variants to a product, add all variant types via the open text field first (Add new Variant) by entering the Title and clicking the +Plus sign.  After adding all variant types/titles, you will then manually add each combination or available option as desired (see screenshot below).  

The setup above will provide your customers with the option of selecting four colors per size option (see below).  First the size is selected then, based on that information, the system will then provide the color options provided for that size.

Custom Text Field

A custom text field can also be added in which your customers can submit specific test responses during the purchase process.  This can include such options as engraving requests, notes, etc...

In addition, the Custom Text Field Price Modifier allows you to enter an additional fee if the Custom Text Field is used.

When using the Text field option, the field will appear during the checkout process, offering your customer the option you provide, adding the additional charge, if applicable: