Organization Settings

The Organization Settings are made up of the following five parts:  Profile, Teammates, Subscription, Files and Log.  Each of these items are outlined below:


Profile Settings provide you with access to your system's overall settings.  In addition to Name, Address and Website settings, you also have access to the following features:

Profile URL: Create your own custom Organization Subdomain.  Creating an Organization Subdomain allows you to link from your website directly to your Program List Page.

Accent Color: Update your Payscape Registration system's color scheme to match your organization's using a specific color or HTML Color Code.

Banner: The banner uploaded in this section will appear in the header of your Program List Page.  For best results, the banner uploaded should be at least 1200 pixels wide. 

Logo: Upload your organization's logo here.  For best results, upload as a 'Transparent PNG' file.


Teammates are your system users.  Teammates can be added through the Teammates menu option by clicking Add Teammate and following the steps provided.  

Coming Soon! A variety of access levels, including SuperAdmin and Admin, are provided to ensure your team has access to the files they need.


The system will automatically assign you to Tier 1 then adjust to appropriate tier as you accept more registrations. For example, you'll begin at Tier 1. If you accept more than 50 registrations, the system will automatically adjust, updating your subscription to Tier 2.

Subscriptions can also be created without a merchant account in which all registrations accepted would be free / not charged.


Upload files you would like to make available to your registrants here.  Files can include Word, PDF (all files), etc...

Your files can be uploaded simply by dragging the file to the Upload Files image or clicking the image to select the desired file(s) from your computer.  Uploaded files will be available for download to your registrants when they're logged into their account through the Program List Page.


The system logs allow you to track user activity, providing time and date stamps, user details and specific activity for that user.