Organization Settings - Teammates

Teammates are your system users.  Teammates can be added through the Teammates menu option by clicking Manage and following the steps provided.  Different access levels are provided to ensure your team has access to the files they need.

After clicking Manage, you can then Edit or Delete existing Teammates and Add new Teammates as needed.

To add a new Teammate, click Add Teammate.

In the screen shown below, enter the First/Last Name and Email Address for your new Teammate.

Current Permissions* available through the Permission dropdown are:

Super User: Has access to all parts of the system.

Admin: Has access to most parts of the system, however, does not have access to Settings or Users and does not have write access to Programs.

Check In: Has Read Only access to Programs and Registrations as well as all access for Check-In functionality.

*For more details on permission groups, select the desired Permission in the dropdown provided. The system will update all features, showing those items that particular permission group has access to.

Once your Teammate is created, click Send Invite. The system will then send an email to your new teammate, allowing them to create a password and access the system.