As your Financial Technology provider, Payscape provides you with one of the industry's most advanced PCI Compliance programs. The "PCI Smart" program assists our clients in becoming and staying compliant with the PCI Data Security Standards, which all merchants are required to adhere to. With the ever-growing cost and risk associated with being non-compliant and protecting your customer's data, a $19.95 monthly non-compliance fee will be assessed to merchants that have not validated their compliance. See below to become compliant today!

Visit the PCI Smart website

In the top navigation click on “Get Started Today”, and you will be linked to the new provider’s portal.

  • Username: 16 Digit Merchant ID
  • Default Password: Last five digits of your Merchant ID number followed by your business state abbreviation (must be capitalized with no spaces; example - 00000NY).

If your business has multiple Merchant IDs, you will need to follow the process above for each.

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