Creating A New Program:

Create your new programs by selecting the Programs menu option then "Create New Program". This will take you to the Program Edit screen, where you can build and customize your program in just a few quick steps.


The General tab allows you to begin the process of creating your program. Here you can enter Program Title and Description as well as your program dates. We'll outline these items below.

Program Title: Enter the title as you would like it to appear to you registrants.

Description: Enter a description of your program, including specific details and important information about your program.

Registration Start/End: Registration Start is the first day you would like to accept registrations for your program and your program will open automatically on this date if not set in Draft or Private status. Registration End is the last day you would like to accept registrations for your program.

Program Start/End: Program Start is the first date of the actual program or event. Program End is the last date of the program or event. Your program will no longer be visible after this date. If you're creating a one date event, simply enter the same date in the Program Start and Program End fields.

Program Contact: Select a Program Contact name from the list of system users in your account. This will provide a contact name in case there are any questions from a potential registrant.

Program Passcode: Create a passcode in this field in the event you're offering a private program or event. Creating a passcode will ensure only those with the passcode can register for your program.

Location Description: This can be generic description of the location of your program. For example, entering the company name, field number or even a city name will provide your registrants with a quick view of the program's location.

Location Address: This is the address where your program or event is held. A map of this location will be provided automatically.

Customize Call To Action Text: What something other than "Register Now" in your registration button? Here you can customize the text and get a quick view of how your registration button will appear to your registrants. Some examples might be "Join Us" or "Lets Go!". Please note that there are a maximum of 16 characters allowed for this field and some special characters, including apostrophes, may not be available.


The Pricing tab is where all pricing options, sub options and capacity limits are set.  

Option Name: This is the name you'll provide your pricing option.

Capacity: The Capacity is the number of spaces available or number of registrations you would like to accept for that particular option.

Price: This is the total price for your Option or Sub-Option.

Sub-Option: Adding Sub-Option(s) allows you to provide optional item(s) to your registrants such as lunch, before or after care, upgraded status, etc... 

  • None Required - This indicates that your registrant is not required to select a sub option.
  • One Required - When One Required is selected, the system will provide a list of two sub options. Your registration will be required to select at least one sub option in the list of sub options provided.
  • Multiple Required - When Multiple Required is selected, the system will provide a list of three sub options. Your registrant will be required to select at least two sub options during the registration process.

Waitlist: Enable the Waitlist box if you would like to provide registrants the opportunity to register for a program that has reached capacity. In the event of cancellations, the system will automatically move waitlisted registrations to your active registration list in the order in which they were created.


Questions are an inevitable part of the registration process. Because of this, we have created a process which allows you to add default and/or custom questions to your programs quickly and easily.  

Using the Question Bank, click the question type you would like to add.  Once selected, the blank question will appear on the right side of the screen, allowing you to enter the details you're requesting.  

Below are a list of question-types available:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Dropdown
  • First & Last Name
  • Single Text Box
  • Date
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Comment Box
  • File Upload
  • Terms & Conditions*

Additionally, you can make questions required by selecting the 'Required' box next to that question. This will require that question be answered before the registration can be completed. 

*By default, the Terms & Conditions question-type will always be required when used.


Making documents available to your registrants is a breeze! Just upload the desired documents through your Organization Settings. From there, you can +Add documents to your Program Files, allowing your registrants to upload those documents directly to their system. 

Enabling the 'File Upload' option in your program Questions tab will allow your registrant to upload files to their registration so you can view them later.


On the Launch screen, you will be provided with the option to preview your program as well as three publishing options:

Set As Private: Private programs are not visible to the public so that you can decide the final details later.

Set As Public: Public programs are visible for registrants to learn more and will open for registration automatically based on your Registration Start Date.

Set As Open: Setting a program as Open will automatically set your Registration Start Date to today's date and allow you to begin accepting registrations immediately.