Incoming registrations can be located throughout your system, whether within the Registrations tab within your Programs or in the Registrations menu section directly.


To view a full list of registrations for all programs, click the Registrations option in the menu on the left side. From there, you'll have the option to search, sort and view details about those registrations that have been created in your system. The data window at the top of the screen also provides an at-a-glance view of your Total Registrations, Total Waitlisted registrations and Total Cancelled registrations.  You'll also see the Top Program by registration count and have the option of exporting your data through the Actions dropdown utility.


Add Registration - Click "Add Registration" to create a registration within your system. This option will allow you to choose a Program to assign your registration to as well as complete the registration questionnaire. Registrations created within your system will, by default, but placed under the Bill Me payment plan option.

Options - Hovering over the registration status will expose your Details options (). 

Click theicon for a view of the quick-glance screen for that registration, showing the registration details, questionnaire and payment information.  

Theicon will allow you to edit the registration details for a particular registration.

Theicon will allow you to cancel that registration.

Finally, while in "Programs", you can click "Add New Registration". This option will walk you through adding a new registration to a program you select.

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Registration Listings In Programs:

While in your Program edit screen, click the Registrations tab. From there, the system will list all registrations registered for that program as well as any registrations waitlisted.  You'll have the opportunity to view amounts Paid/Due as well as the registrant's current status. Hover over the email address to edit or cancel a registration using theandoptions as needed.