Programs - Pricing

The Pricing tab is where all pricing options, sub options and capacity limits are set.  

Option Name: This is the name you'll provide your pricing option.

Capacity: The Capacity is the number of spaces available or number of registrations you would like to accept for that particular option.

Price: This is the total price for your Option or Sub-Option.

Sub-Option: Adding Sub-Option(s) allows you to provide optional item(s) to your registrants such as lunch, before or after care, upgraded status, etc... 

  • None Required - This indicates that your registrant is not required to select a sub option.
  • One Required - When One Required is selected, the system will provide a list of two sub options. Your registration will be required to select at least one sub option in the list of sub options provided.
  • Multiple Required - When Multiple Required is selected, the system will provide a list of three sub options. Your registrant will be required to select at least two sub options during the registration process.

Display Label: The Display Label dropdown allows you to select from three different options in how the 'Pricing' text is displayed when using your Sub Options: Free, $0.00, Display Nothing

To view this dropdown, enter 0.00 in the Price field. The Display Label dropdown will appear, allowing you to select from the three options provided.

For example, if you plan to use the main option as a heading and your Sub Options as the pricing options from which your registrant can select from, then using the "Display Nothing" option will allow that. Or, if you would like to offer a free event and ensure the text displayed is shown as 'Free', simply set the dropdown as desired.

Waitlist: Enable the Waitlist box if you would like to provide registrants the opportunity to register for a program that has reached capacity. In the event of cancellations, the system will automatically move waitlisted registrations to your active registration list in the order in which they were created.

Payment Plans: You can provide multiple payment options to your registrants by creating your Payment Plan (through Payments --> Create New Payment Plan) and assigning those plans to your program. Click the Search For Payment Plans dropdown and select the plan(s) you wish to assign to your program. This will allow your registrants to select from a number of payment options when creating their registration.