Programs - Documents and File Uploads

Making documents available to your registrants is a breeze! Just upload the desired documents through your Organization Settings, outlined below. From there, you can +Add documents to your Program Files, allowing your registrants to upload those documents directly to their system. 

Begin by first uploading the documents/files you would like to make available to your registrants through your Organization Settings, under the Files tab.  

Upload Files: Your files can be uploaded simply by dragging the file to the Upload Files image or clicking the image to select the desired file(s) from your computer.

Delete Files: Click the "X" next to the file listed to delete it from your system.

File Names: Because your registrants will see the file names of your documents during the registration process, it important to name your files in a way that makes contents of that file clear to your registrants. 

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Registration File Upload/Download:

Registration File Download: After your files have been uploaded through Organization Settings, you can then add those files to your programs through the Documents tab by clicking +Add next to the file to be provided.

Registration File Upload: In addition providing files your registrants have the ability to download, your registrants can be provided with the ability to upload files to make available to you. Enabling the 'File Upload' option in your program Questions tab will allow your registrants to upload files to their registration so you can view them later. This can be useful in cases where a signed waiver or hand-written questionnaire is required.

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