Promo Codes

Create promotional codes by clicking the Add New Promo Code tile, which is found under the Payments menu option. This will expose the Add New Promo Code window, allowing you to create and save your promo code.

Name: This is a name/description for your promotional code. Only you will see this.

Program: Select the program you would like to assign your promotional code to.

Promotional Code: This is your promotional code. Feel free to use a combination of letters and numbers.

Number of Uses: If you would like to set a limit to how many times the code can be used, enter that number in this field. Otherwise, leave the field blank for unlimited uses.

Discount: This is the discount value, which should be entered as a whole number. For example, a ten dollar discount would appear as 10.00.

Expiration Days: Enter the number of days you would like your code to remain active. The code will then expire after the number of days entered.

Percentage Discount: If your code should be a percentage discount, select this box. If entering a ten percent discount, your Discount Value should equal 10.00.