Search Tags allow you the ability to tag your programs, making it easier for registrants to find their desired programs through the search portal of your programs page. 

Additionally, you can save specific specific searches, allowing you to link to a custom search URL directly from your website. For example, if you have a large number of programs in different cities, you can create search tags for the individual cities, allowing you to create separate links to each page containing those programs within the individual cities. We will outline this below.


The following three steps will walk you through the set up and use of your Tags:


1. Click Tags in your left menu.

2. Enter the Tags you plan to use in the "Enter Tag Name" field. After entering the tag name, click Add Tag. Your Tags will appear in the list below. To delete tags, hover over the ID column.


1. Click Programs in your left menu.

2. Click Edit next to a previously created program (note: tags can be entered during the process of creating new programs as well).

3. Click the General tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.

4. Click the Search For Tags dropdown to view all available tags. Selecting the desired tags will pull them into the Selected Tags field to the right.

5. Click Save and Exit when your tags have been added.


Review your tags in the Search bar located in your program listings page. Registrants can select multiple tags then click Search to view all programs that contain the selected tags. This will allow them to locate their desired programs quickly and easily.


The following three steps will walk you through the set up and use of your Saved Searches:


1. Click Tags in your left menu.

2. Click the Saved Search option under the Tags header.


1. Click the Search For Tags dropdown and select the tags you would like to pull in to your custom search.

2. After selecting all of the tag options desired, you will see them appear in the Selected Tags window on the right.


1. After all tags have been selected, click SAVE SEARCH.

2. The system will product a custom URL in the field below, allowing you to copy/paste that URL into your website, allowing your registrants to click and access the desired search results you have created.

3. For future reference, the system will save your search in the menu below.