How Does Payscape Registration Store Your Customer's Credit Cards?

Essentially, Payscape Registration uses your credit card processor, Paysafe’s, "Vault API" to securely store your customer's credit card information for processing payments. The "Vault" is a system developed specifically for the purpose of storing credit card data, which ensures that information is not viewable in our systems. 

The Technical Stuff...

When your customer enters sensitive information, that data is sent directly from the their web browser to Paysafe's Vault API and that API will return a token that represents the credit card being used. This process uses Paysafe’s Iframe approach of embedding their library onto our system and talks directly to Paysafe for vaulting information. The token provided is only valid for 5 minutes. 

Once we have the token, we send that token to Payscape Registration’s API to record the transaction for our system’s purposes. From there, we create a profile with the token associated to it in order to process recurring payments that may happen. Once the profile is created, we will receive another token that will be sent to Paysafe’s Card Payments API to do the transaction processing. Paysafe will access the sensitive information, using the token as a reference, in order to make the transaction.

See below for a visual representation of this process: