General Information:

Your Payscape Registration system offers a number of reporting options, including a number of Default, pre-built reports as well as a Custom report builder with all data in your system at your fingertips. This allows you the most flexibility in accessing the data available within your Payscape Registration system when you need it.

Data Export Capabilities:

All system reports can be exported to Excel as needed. To export a report, click "View Report" for the desired report then choose the program(s) you wish to view in that report. From there, check the boxes of those line items or all boxes (by checking the available box in the column header) the click on Actions --> Export.

Default Reports:

Your Default reporting options offer the following report types:

  • Program Roster - List of all registrants that are 'confirmed' for a program.
  • Waitlisted Registrants - List of all waitlisted registrants for a program.
  • Master Contact Information - List of all master contact information by program.
  • Revenue By Program - Total revenue generated from each program.
  • Questions and answers by program - Questions and answers submitted by registrants by program.

Custom Reports:

To create a custom report, click the Custom tab available in the Reports section. 

From there, enter the title of your report in the Report Name field then select the program(s) you wish that report to pull data from. As programs are selected from the dropdown menu provided, you will see the program bubbles appear below the 'Selected Programs' area. This allows you to view the programs selected, adding more as desired, as well as remove programs that may not be needed.

Continue to add data to your report by working from the dropdown menus provided for Program Fields, Registration Fields, and Payment Fields.

Once all of the desired data points are pulled into your report, click Create Custom Report to create your report.

Your report will then appear in a list under the Custom tab in the Reports section. There you can see the name of the report and are provided with options of viewing or deleting the report as desired.