Create more revenue-generating opportunities for your organization by offering separate add-on items for sale, such as t-shirts, books, Before or After Care or even VIP perks during events!

Begin by clicking Add-Ons in the main menu then ADD.

From there, you can begin entering your Add-On Name, Description and Price. 

The system will require you to enter Inventory amounts, however, feel free to enter "999" if unlimited.

Is this Add-On Required? Making your Add-On required will force your registrant to select the Add-On during the registration process.

Selector Setup - Enter a Selector Name, such as "Size" (for t-shirts). If a selector isn't needed, simply copy the Add-On Name into the field to bypass. 

The system will default to the Dropdown Selector Type. Your Options can then be set up as Small, Medium, Large or however desired. See the example below for details.

During the registration process, the Add-On options will be provided to your registrants, allowing them to select the Add-On types, options and quantity desired. This detail will be available to you through your system's Reports.