01/28/20 - An issue was reported citing auto-charge and 'retry' payments are not processing. Our team is working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue. We will post any additional updates below.

01/29/20 - We are continuing work on this issue. It is possible that invoice sending functionality was affected as well, which we are reviewing in detail. We're hoping to have everything back on track very soon.

01/29/20 :: 12:05pm EST - Work is progressing on theses issues and we're hopeful to have everything running smoothly soon. PLEASE NOTE that our servers will require a reboot in order to push any fixes.

01/29/20 :: 7:00pm EST - All systems restarted and payments are processing again. We'll continue to monitor and provide additional updates.

01/30/20 - Payments processing smoothly overnight. All systems are active and functioning, however, we will continue to monitor for any additional items. If you have any new issues to report, please contact our support team at 'support@billingorchard.com'.

01/30/20 - Final Update: While we will continue to monitor all systems, all issues related to this article have been resolved.